Markers & Monuments

History shows us that the erection of monuments is as old as civilization. In fact, it is a measure of civilization. The higher the cultural and intellectual attainments of a people, the more beautiful and expressive were their memorials and cemeteries. A true memorial should be designed so that it has a two-fold purpose: First it should express your love, affection and admiration of one whose life was deeply woven with your own. By the use of ornaments and commemorative symbols, you can show precious personal and family ties. Secondly, it should endeavor to reflect something of the personality, achievements, ambitions, avocations or credo of your loved one. This is memorialization in its truest sense.

We have a wide array of custom cemetery monuments and memorials including cemetery headstones, gravesite markers, gravestones, bronze, granite and marble statues, garden memorials, emblems, cemetery markers and plaques. No matter how you want your loved one remembered, we can arrange a memorial that is right for them.

We can now produce porcelain portraits on a patented, state of the art digital ceramic printing system using actual ceramic pigments. The portrait is a true ceramic image, which is kiln fired to 1580ºF (860ºC) delivering all of the expected durability, scratch and abrasion resistance, UV stability and the beauty of commercial porcelain products. At 600 dpi resolution, it is superior to screen printed images and delivers a higher image resolution than all other systems now on the market. This is not a sublimation process and we guarantee that our porcelain portraits WILL NOT FADE even after a lifetime in direct outdoor sunlight.

A laser etching process to apply photos, text and drawings permanently onto various materials: black granite, black and clear acrylics and can combine them with our porcelain portraits to create a truly one-of-a-kind memorial.

We are able to transform simple photos, drawings and text into everlasting memories. Take old and new photos and arrange them with a special prayer, poem or favorite saying. Add a border, flowers, or use one of our specially created themes to best memorialize your loved one for future generations. Etch that special photo onto a black granite oval and add it to a head stone or marker. We have a variety of sizes and shapes to personalize your memories.

Markers & Monuments