Mr. Sean Rich

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O C United States
10/7/2017 5:48:57 AM #

When reflecting on the memories you shared they will bring a smile to your heart. I know this is a difficult time, but the Bible gives us a wonderful future hope , Revelation 21:4 says death will be no more. The Bible promises we will live in a world free of death. This is wonderful future promise made by Almighty God to obedient mankind. May you have peace.


N. P. United States
10/8/2017 4:05:40 AM #

Sorry for your loss, death causes more unwanted tears than anything else. But we have a wonderful hope for the future(Isaiah 25:8 and John 5:28,29). Please let these Scriptures comfort you at this time of sorrow.


Louise United States
10/9/2017 5:16:54 AM #

We know from reading the bible that the almighty God is without a doubt the primary source of consolation. He assured us that he is the one that is comforting you at (co.1:3,4)that he will comfort you so in turn can comfort other. So look to God for comfort. I am so sorry for your loss.


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